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UWC Art (HS)

High School website 

Great resources here for the more advanced artists

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Smart History 

History of Art 

Website with great history of art resources

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Google arts & Culture

History of art 

The GO TO resource for art images.

*Great for zooming into images*

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Ms Jones

Art Resources 

Focus on Elements of Art and Zentangles

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Adobe Education exchange 


Various course on Adobe for free 

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Bardot Brush 

Procreate tutorials

Tutorials, Tips and Tricks on Procreate

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Many useful art webpages

Padlet Choice board 

Click on this Padlet for many useful art webpages 

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\Anti-Racist Art Teachers 


]Working towards removing biases, stereotypes, and false narratives in art education.

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Rapid Fire Art

Darlene Nguyen

Great resources here for improving your drawing skills

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Art Factory

Darlene Nguyen

Great resources here for elements of art ands pronciples of design

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Arts Council 

Arts Council 

Interested in Art as a creer - have a look at art jobs 

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Design Cuts 

Digital Art 

Wonderful tutorials and templates for Digital Art