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Learn how to stipple from your drawing and from Photographs

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Block Printing 

Learn how to Lino Print 

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Principles of Design 

Animation introduction to the Principles of Design 

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Looking at Art

How to look at Art

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Learn several watercolour techniques

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Procreate tutorial 

How to draw animals in action 

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Procreate tutorial 

How to combine concepts in illustration 

Graphite Pencils 

Learn how and when to use the right Graphite Pencil 

(Coming soon)


Grid Drawing

Learn how to scale up drawing and how to draw exactly what you see.

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Learn how to take high contrast Portraits

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Elements of Art 

Understand the Elements of Art

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What artists do and use 

Understand how to select goals, techniques, habit and design strategies to be an artist


Colouring in books

Free colouring in books from world class libraries and museums

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Procreate tutorial

How to use a colour pallette

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Procreate tutorial 

Learn the basics of Procreate to begin an artwork

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Procreate tutorial 

Using Procreates perspective guides to draw an urban scene

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