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Rapid Fire Art

Great videos with clear explanations on how to improve your drawing 

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Bob Ross

Paint along with Bob Ross and discover the 'Joy of Painting"

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Roxanne Jervis 

Learn about Landscape Painting 

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Mark Crilley

Learn about Hyperrealism and Anime illustrations 

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Amanda Lee

Learn about Bullet Journalling

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KQED Art School

Watch other artists describe their week and define their style. 

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Draw with Rob 

Learn how to illustrate cute animals. 

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Your one stop for advanced drawing skills

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Jessica Hooper

Good videos for those new to drawing 

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Kirsty Partidge 

Learn Drawing Do's and Don'ts, Watercolour  techniques and Pencil Crayons. 

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Alphonso Dunn 

Learn Pen and Ink drawing

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Lavender Towne

Learn comic and character design 

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Design Dojo

Learn about elements of art and principles of design